2017 Pool Hours

From May 27 to June 16 (while Montgomery County public schools are in session):

Monday 2pm - *9pm
Tuesday 2pm - *9pm
Wednesday 2pm - *9pm
Thursday 2pm - *9pm
Friday 2pm - *10pm
Saturday 10am - *10pm
Sunday 10am - *8pm

From June 17 until September 4:

Monday 11am - *9pm
Tuesday 11am - *9pm
Wednesday 11am - *9pm
Thursday 11am - *9pm
Friday 11am - *10pm
Saturday 10am - *10pm
Sunday 10am - *9pm

*Adult Swim last 15 minutes each night*  Please clear the deck promptly at closing.


Memorial Day Weekend
Sat, May 27:  10a-*10p
Sun, May 28: 10a - *9p
Mon, May 29:  10a - *8p

July 4th Holiday
Mon, July 3:  11a - *9p
Tues, July 4:  11a - *9p

Labor Day Weekend
Sat, Sept 2:  10a - *10p
Sun, Sept 3:  10a - *9p
Mon, Sept 4:  10a - *8p


Sat, 6/10 - Opens at Noon

Sat, 6/17 - Opens at Noon

Wed, 6/21 @ 5p - Swim Meet v/ NW  Branch

Thurs, 6/29 @ 5pm (Kid's Night)          ALL 12 and under members              welcome to participate in events

Wed, 7/5 @ 5p - Swim Meet   v/Franklin Knolls

Sat, 7/8 - Opens at Noon

Sat, 7/15 closes @ 5p (Crab  Feast)

Wed, 7/19 @ 5p (B Meet Relay)

Sat, 7/23 @ 6p:  Pool open, deck                closed for Team Banquet

Mon, 9/5 @ 3p - 4p (Raft/IM Race)          ALL Members welcome to                  participate in events


Swim team afternoon practice begins in May and runs through mid-July.  All lap lanes are occupied by team members Monday - Friday during the following dates:

May 30 - June 16: 4:15p - 6:45p

 June 19 - July 21:  3:30p - 6p   (Pre-team practice M&F until 6:30)



PLEASE do your part and keep the grounds clean.  We do NOT employ a cleaning service so please remember to pick up your trash before you leave.


Join our table!   Actually, there are not enough tables for everyone to have their own – so we all need to share our space.  This sometimes leads to conversations, and “did you happen to bring an extra fork” … it’s great!

Yes, you can grill here too!   We have large gas grills – you can bring your food and grill it here. Please turn off the gas and the grill when you are finished, and clean up after you are done. 

But not in the grass …   we have problems with bugs and pests in the grass.  So we keep all food and drinks out of the grassy areas, except for water bottles. 

Did you say “bottles”?  No glass at the pool, please!  It’s too dangerous.  You’ll see many families with boxes of wine, and cans of beer.

We all pitch in --  we hope you will, too!   The pool is a co-operative.  The member families literally own the pool together.  We begin and end every year with a request for help, as we all scrub tables, plant flowers, organize our space, and get ready for a fun summer.  This work doesn't end once the pool opens.  Please do your part to clean up after yourself. 

Thank You Volunteers!

Cold and rain didn't keep you away and we appreciate all your hard work!  The bulk of the work was taken care of, so we are in good shape for opening day.  Days away!

We had over 80 families come out and help.  So much thanks to everyone:

Aaron, Jennifer and Eli Cohen; Allegra and Lucia Cangelosi; Ambar, Kaz and Rhun Zobairi; Amy Frey; Amy Schwenkmeyer, Rolf, Oskar and Henry Reichle; Amy Zandarski-Pica; Andy, Jana, Ruthie, Thomas and Hannah Delfino; Anne Neill, Archer Somodevilla and Gina Lambright; Bernadette Juarez; Caleb Bachman; Charlie, Anna Lucy and Anne Mayer; Chris and Isaiah Winger; Chyhe and Douglas Becker (2 days!); Danny Kessler; David (2 days!), David Paul and Allison Hahn; David, Lisa and Hayden Cookson; Dawn, Ricky and Elijah Reeves; Deb Levy (2 days!); Debra Prybyla; Denis and Julia Borum (2 days!); Derek Miller, Donna Moran; Ellie Salyers; Emily DeSantis; Emily Harris; Erika, Bernardo, Elliot and Elena Calaway Kleiner; Erin and Cormac Toner; Grace C. Wucle Plaza; Helina Asfaw; Holly and Craig Hukill; Izzy and Jay Anderson; Jay Danner-McDonald; Jay Danielski and Heidi Hessler; Jeff Hopkins; Jennifer, Kendall, Charlottte and Abby Lukas-Jackson; Jennifer, Nicholas and Noah Layke; Jenny and Jacob Hutter; Jenny, Nora and Johnny Dodd; Joanna Slaney, Jacob and Eliza Warren; John Godfrey; Judy and Douglas Scott; Julie, Rich, Cameron and Nathan House; Jackie Kucha, Thomas, Dave and Kate Wachter; Karen Copeland and Family; Kelly Wong (2 days!); Kellyn Betts; Kristy Wallmo; Kumani and Jessica De Alwis (2 days!); Leta Holley; Liz Seaton; Ljuba Caldov (3 days!) and Toshio Morizono; Lynn Bliss; Marcus, Samantha and Margaret Ross; Margarete Guthrie and Family; Mary Dalrymple; Mary Downs and Sam Medina-Downs; Mary McCarthy (2 days!); Matt, Jill, Christopher and Robert Liddle; Maura Cahill; Meg and Tucker McDonald; Megan Shelley, Chris, Madelyn and Whitley Dugan; Michael and Aisling Gearhart; Michele McKeever and George, Rohan and Leila Faraday; Naomi Lipschultz; Nicols Pass and Family; Pat Evans; Patty Brundage; Paul Smith; Piers, Miles, Toby and Leo Bocock; Rachel and Nora Bridenbaugh; Rachel Henighan; Rob Rosenberg and Family; Rocco Casagrande; Santorm Family; Sara Sieverding; Sophia Roehring and Family; Sophie, Pete and Os Richardson; Stacey and Noah Palosky; Stina and Merete Oakes; Susan and Naomi Campbell; Ted Curtin; Tim, Jessica and Emma Miller; Tim, Fiona, Elise and Audrey Haverland; Tom and Lucy Hanisco; Violet Godfrey; Winnie Roberts (two days!), Tim, Zoe and Finn Male AND ANYONE WHO HELPED BUT FORGOT TO SIGN IN

Let’s Be A Good Neighbor

Many of our members don’t live in the immediate area.  When driving, please remember to respect our neighbors.  Follow the posted parking signage along Daleview Drive as to not congest the streets.  Additionally, please drive slowly coming in and out of the neighborhood, especially near the crosswalk on Daleview Drive.

2017 Swim Team
Be a part of the tradition!  Join the "Feet" - one of the original swim teams that founded the Montgomery County Swim League in 1959.

Open to children ages 5-18 whose families are current members of Daleview.  It's a great way to make new friends, improve your swimming and have fun over the summer.  

 Click on the Feet website for more information:

Daleview Feet Swim Team

First Swim Team Practice (and new parent info session):  Saturday May 27 at 8 AM (8:30 for returning swimmers).   

First Pre-team Practice: Monday June 12 at 6:45 PM

 Prospective Members for the 2017 Season

Thank you for your interest in Daleview Pool!  At this point, with a rapidly growing waiting list, we are taking requests for summer 2017 and beyond. If you are interested in being on the waiting list, please send an e-mail to daleviewpool@gmail.com, asking to be placed on the waiting list.  We take these requests on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

Each year in the Spring we begin contacting people on our waitlist until we fill all slots.  If you are still interested at the time that we contact you, you can submit an application and payment.  Be sure to let us know if your e-mail address changes in the meantime.

Thanks for your interest in Daleview and we look forward to offering you a membership in the future!

Amy and Donna - Membership Co-chair

Upcoming Events

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July 04, 2017 9:00 AM • Anonymous
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June 10, 2017 7:30 AM • Anonymous
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